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Quick Guide on How to become a Teaching Assistant

If you want to become a teaching assistant, you can start a teaching assistant career in a number of ways and whilst there are no set entry-level qualifications required, you can rest assured that a teaching assistant level 3 qualification will ensure you have the teaching assistant skills at your disposal to be the best classroom assistant possible.

Previous skills and How to become a Teaching Assistant

In order to become a teaching assistant it would be useful to develop strong reading, writing and numeracy skills, in addition to excellent organisational and communication skills. All of these teaching assistant skills are covered in your free level 3 teaching assistant training that can be delivered by us here at Assistant Teaching Training.

You would benefit from some experience of volunteering in schools in order to become a teaching assistant, although you do not need to be employed and you can still pursue our course free of charge if you are working as a volunteer for 16 hours or more in a school. This could take many forms e.g. helping pupils with reading or are you involved in community activities with young people?

It is not essential to have this experience in order to become a teaching assistant, although you want to be in the best position when you apply for a teaching assistant job. One fantastic way to enhance your ability to become a teaching assistant is to outline to the head teacher that you will be pursuing your level 3 teaching assistant course at no cost to the school.

Assistant Teaching Training does this for you by accessing government funding to deliver your training.

Become a Teaching Assistant Next Steps...

If you already work as a teaching assistant, then now is the time to pursue your level 3 teaching assistant qualification and enhance your teaching assistant skills.

However, if you are looking to pursue a teaching assistant career for the first time, we have the tools to support you.

If you desire to work in your child's school, then the best route is to contact the head teacher or deputy head. Inform them that you are pursuing your teaching assistant level 3 qualifications and you would like to be considered for a part time, full time or volunteer role (minimum 16 hours per week).

You may know other parents who are teaching assistants it is always good to ask them how they started and what (if any) experience they had in the first instance.

Looking for a classroom assistant job to help you become a teaching assistant?

We work closely with a number of agencies for teaching assistants why not submit your CV via our contact us section and we will help you become a teaching assistant.

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