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Welcome to Teaching Assistant Training – the home of Teaching Assistant Courses. We have a number of teaching assistant course options including an advanced apprenticeship in specialist teaching and learning. We have a limited number of places left on our government funded or government backed student loan trainining courses, please complete the form to the right now to see if you qualify.

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Classroom Assistant Courses

There are many names for the role of teaching assistant including classroom assistant and learning support assistants. The great news is that we provide training for all these roles and if you are already employed in a school for 30 hours a week or more you may qualify for government funding or you can do your course now where the government pays in advance through a student loan. We can guide you through everything you need to become a classroom assistant. The even better news is that we support you in your application to work in a school by giving the head teacher our commitment to invest in your learning. Consequently you are able to apply for a position within a school and take an accompanying letter from us confirming that we will be funding your Level 3 Teaching Assistant Training. In the increasingly competitive world of assistant teachers, we have been able to access government funds to deliver the level 3 Diploma in Specialist Support for Teaching and Learning in Schools as well as advanced adult apprenticeships if you work in a school for 30 hours a week or more you may qualify for funding. If you do not work in a school then you can start the course today via a government backed student loan.

Level 3 Teaching Assistant

Our teacher assistant training takes the form of a Level 3 Diploma in specialist support for teaching and learning. The even better news is that this qualification encompasses 5 qualifications and can be delivered on the job, enhancing all areas of your work. If you are already employed in a school there is an option to study with government funding where the government pays up front via a student loan. You can study either the Level 3 Diploma in Sepcialist Support for Teaching and learning in Schools. There is also an advanced apprenticeship that gives you the skills to be a great teaching assistant with a qualification covering a variety of supporting teaching and learning areas. The full qualification includes certificates in the following: Level 3 Diploma in specialist support for teaching and learning (more info) Level 2 Application of Number Mathematics (more info) Level 2 Communication English (more info) Level 2 ICT (more info) Apprenticeship Framework Certificate (more info) Click here for the full teaching assistant level 3 training framework.

Teaching Assistants NVQ

The teaching assistants NVQ has now been replaced by the Qualifications and Credits Framework (QCF), which is the new name for work based qualifications. Whilst it is possible to obtain the equivalent of the teaching assistant nvq we would recommend becoming a level 3 teaching assistant through the Level 3 diploma in specialist support for teaching and learning. Furthermore, if you were interested in becoming a level 2 teaching assistant we would always encourage you to pursue your teaching assistant level 3 which would surpass the level 2 teaching assistant in the same time frame, and you will also achieve many other qualifications for the time invested.